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Posted by Craig Burrows

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For many people, the past decade has been a time of anxiety, fear, and frustration. My personal emotion was one of frustration. I was frustrated with the lack of accountability, transparency, and astuteness of the financial industry. The idea of a financial adviser not having any accountability for the welfare of my investments and more importantly, the astuteness to warn me of possible dangers in my portfolio mix was a constant bother. It bothered me so much that I stopped investing in the public markets.

I came across the private equity market due to some of my wealthy friends who seemed to have that “inside track” or being invited to participate in “President’s Lists”. The problem with this market, I found it shrouded in secrecy and had no or little transparency. For the unsophisticated investor, you took your chances with little recourse or liquidity if things went bad.

No wonder people have had to be contented with low returning products like GICs or term deposits. We saw our nest eggs shrink and our retirement line moved farther ahead. We should be embracing our retirement years instead of thinking that being a greeter in a large retail chain seems like a sad reality. There must be a balance between private and public markets.

I believe that many people are like me; hard-working, honest, and want a fair return on their savings. I have also learned that there are great investments to be had if you’re willing to look and are financially savvy. The question is what if you don’t know where to look? What if someone could provide a service that could manage investments and were committed to being astute, accountable, and transparent?

Creating TriView has been a labour of love. We found the right partners that share the same vision but bring different strengths to the table. From an experienced portfolio manager and Investment Bankers that ensure we offer the right product to the right client. These partners have combined to raise over $6 billion in the private market space, have reviewed hundreds of opportunities and have the discipline when to invest and when to walk. All of our investments opportunities are vetted before they are ever offered to our clients.

We have a former Securities Commission Enforcement Officer dedicated to compliance and ensuring that our clients have a well-balanced, diversified portfolio that is personally designed for their needs. Lastly, we want to share our knowledge with our clients. We don’t want you to simply trust us with your money; we want to educate you so we earn your trust through providing solid returns while protecting your principal. This is about being transparent and accountable.

We see a tremendous opportunity to invest in private and alternative investments over the next five years. We want to offer you another option to your current financial portfolio. Contact us today at to learn more about why the most astute and conservative investors, pension & endowment funds, are increasingly moving assets into this financial sector.

Craig Burrows

Co-Founder, President & CEO, TriView Capital Ltd

TriView Capital Ltd. is a registered EMD across Western Canada