CMHC: Toronto Real Estate “Highly” Vulnerable, Vancouver Stabilizing

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as more and more three letter organizations declare Canada’s real estate prices unsustainable, Canada’s national housing agency thinks things are getting better. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) latest report mentions improved fundamentals. The organization even went so far as to downgrade the risk in Greater Vancouver.

About The Ratings

The ratings are displayed in a color-coded scale, not unlike the US terror threat advisory scale. Green means there’s a low risk of vulnerability, that is the CMHC doesn’t see an issue. Yellow means a “moderate” risk of vulnerability, meaning it’s just breached a risky reading. Red means a “high” degree of vulnerability, and there’s a major imbalance or it’s persisted for a while. It’s pretty self explanatory when looking at individual readings….CLICK for complete article