Chart of the Day: Gasoline Prices Plunge 24%

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As a result of an overall sluggish global economy plus increased global supply, the price of crude oil continues to trend lower. Over the past seven months, the cost of one gallon of gasoline has declined a significant $0.88 (i.e. 24%). Today’s chart provides some long-term perspective in regards to gasoline prices by presenting the inflation-adjusted US price of one gallon of gasoline since 1980. There are a few points of interest. For one, geopolitical crises are often associated with major swings in the price of gasoline. It is also worth noting that, since the financial crisis, the resulting peaks of gasoline price spikes have been decreasing over time (see downward sloping red trendline). In the end, the recent plunge has brought gasoline prices to five-year lows..


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November 27, 2014 – Thanksgiving Day

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