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Feast On Income With A New ETF Of ETFs

Tuttle Tactical Management is getting back into the exchange traded funds game with a new ETF of ETFs designed to deliver high levels of income.

The new TBND, which is actively managed, can be seen as a multi-asset play because its selection universe includes dividend stocks, master limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts and various fixed income instruments.

“Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) is becoming more popular as investors prefer a methodology that strives to protect from market downside while still participating in market upside,” according to Tuttle. “Unfortunately, many tactical methodologies fail to protect investors in all markets. Traditional tactical management styles do well in a straight up or straight down market, but tend to struggle to perform well in choppy markets. Trend Aggregation differentiates from a traditional tactical style by having well-defined strategies for all market climates.” CLICK for complete article

Buy And Hold: Simple, Not Easy

The idea of buying and holding high-quality businesses over a long period of time is simple. But then, it’s important to understand that the action of not doing anything over such a long period of time involves hundreds of decisions over months and years that lead to such inaction….CLICK for complete article

Disney Streaming Service Poised For Quick Ramp, Says Bullish Morgan Stanley

Streaming is where entertainment is going, and it’s getting there faster than some expected with the new Disney+ service, Morgan Stanley said Thursday…CLICK for complete article

4 Things to Watch as Canopy Growth Reports Earnings Next Week

Cannabis giant Canopy Growth is set to release its financial statements for financial year and fourth-quarter 2019 periods ended March 31, after market on June 20. Here’s what I think investors should pay close attention to while looking at the financial results….CLICK for complete article

Not A Hard Knock Life Anymore: A Look At Jay-Z’s Billion Dollar Empire

Jay-Z has become much more than a rapper, taking an Empire State of Mind as he’s built a portfolio of companies and real estate that led Forbes to estimate this week that he’s now worth $1 billion, the first hip-hop artist to hit that mark….CLICK for complete article

In Huge Strategy Shift, Amazon Set To Purge Many Small Suppliers

Amazon is set to purge many of its small suppliers over the next few months, according to Bloomberg. The purge could shatter the generally favorable relationship between Amazon and many of its long-time vendors, as we first discussed last month when we reported that Amazon was accused of “crushing” its merchants by undercutting products with its own….CLICK for complete article