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Aurora, Aphria chosen to grow medical pot in Germany, Europe’s largest market

Aurora Cannabis and Aphria Inc. say they were among the three companies selected by the German government to cultivate and distribute medical pot in the European country.

Both companies say the decision by Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices is provisional and subject to a mandatory…Click here for full article.

Will AMAZON be in every room of your house?

There are many companies working diligently on interesting Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, ranging from medical imaging to autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics. We see AI as being a disruptive technology that will have long term and far reaching impacts, and the changes envisioned will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.  Machine learning is an iterative process, and each iteration takes time, as well as careful monitoring and tweaking by software engineers.  Often these advances spawn ethical and moral questions…Click here for full article.

Will CRISPR be an accepted Solution?

Health care costs and budgets are ballooning all around the world as we see global populations moving into higher and higher age brackets.  With so much health care research going on, doctors are challenged to keep up with new drugs and their side effects, as well as new procedures and tools that deliver more accurate and timely diagnoses and remedies.  Once in a while a new technology will emerge that has the potential to dramatically alter the status quo.  CRISPR has that potential, as it may be a way to end all disease – wow – a very BOLD statement indeed, but could it be true ?

CRISPR (pronounced crisper) is a simple and powerful tool for editing genomes, allowing researchers to alter DNA sequences and modify gene function.  There have been DNA editing…Click here for full article.

Strong ‘Apex’ Release Continues To Boost EA Shares, Sell-Side Has Mixed Reaction

Electronic Arts Inc. is enjoying a strong rebound thanks to a successful launch of its new “Apex Legends” battle royale game with hopes of competing with “Fortnite.” But analysts had mixed opinions Monday on if and how much the game will boost EA investors’ fortunes.

Gaming industry enthusiasts are excited about the free-to-play “Apex Legends” games, which brought in 1 million players in its first eight hours and 10 million in just three days. The company hopes the game may finally be the one that challenges the massively successful “Fortnite” for player eyeballs. And investors seem to think it’s good news, with EA stock moving higher Monday….CLICK for complete article

Can a Better Diagnosis Lead to Better Health?

We have written articles about Artificial Intelligence before, but nothing hits home like making it personal – your health and the health of your loved ones.  Some of the most important and valuable medical tools are those that produce Images, like CT scans, X-Rays, MRI’s, Mammograms etc.  The standard routine today is for highly trained specialists, like Radiologists, to analyze images and detect anomalies, all helping to determine a course of action to remedy problems detected in the images.  The quality of the image is a big factor in the accuracy of the diagnosis, and technology now provides some very high quality images, and better imaging technologies are emerging all the time.  Currently, diagnosis relies on well trained humans to recognize and interpret each image.  It is a very demanding and time consuming manual process.  Humans are sometimes overworked and get tired, which can cause…Click here for full article.

Is US Unemployment So Low That A Recession Is Unavoidable?

The U.S. unemployment rate ticked slightly higher to 4 percent in January, just off its lowest levels of the past 50 years. While a low unemployment rate is good news for American workers, it has historically been bad news for investors…..CLICK for complete article