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A Strategy for Investment Success & Safety

02:06 -18:11 Featured Guest John Johnston of Davis Rea joins Michael. When it comes to tracking the Canadian dollar there is nobody better – John analyzes developments in global financial markets and covers all the potential fundamental shifts in the currency markets including trade tarriffs, employment patterns and Federal Reserve interest rate policy and winds up with a strategy to prosper in the current and future environment.

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The Latest on Real Estate

Michael asks Kyle Green where the flow of investment $’s are going in real estate & what impact the new mortage rules have had.

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You, Your Investments & Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law

Issac Newton’s 3rd law states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We have seen this physical law govern the investing world when for example the dot-com bubble rose spectacularily in 4 years to its highs, then reversed and collapsed all the way back to its starting point three years later. Anticipating when a major trend is going to change is arguably the underlying factor determining profits and losses. Newtons 3rd law is also applicable to to society in general, and with the rise in societal extremism the only thing we can count on is that there will be an equal and opposite reaction. The question? How will that reaction manifest…..


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The Dr.’s Process For Successfully Investing in Gold Stocks


 02:15 – 18:32 – Featured Guest Dr. Martin Murenbeeld and his team know the only way for investors to make money in gold stocks is to get the commodity trends right. That’s why they study, map, and predict gold prices so investors can make informed decisions about capital allocation and risk. Listen to this fascinating conversation Michael has with Martin – Robert Zurrer for Money Talks

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On The Brink of a Terrifying Future


00:45 – 06:18 – What is going to happen when 51% of the US millenial generation say they’d rather live in a socialist or communist country? Michael has even more startling numbers, facts & consequences:

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It’s David vs Goliath When the Canada Revenue Agency Attacks

There’s a culture shift at the CRA. Prominent tax lawyer David Rotfleisch says, “if you get audited, you can expect to get put through the wringer by CRA auditors who defy logic and reason, even when presented with clear evidence of no wrongdoing.”

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