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Debt crisis is not over

MC horz cropped - 2013Michael’s Daily Comment on the continuing rise of record debt levels.

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Debt crisis is not over

Despite the fact that Syria’s been on the front burner you should be aware that the risk in the financial system that’s dominated news for the last five years is absolutely not over. I mean, trying to paper over the sovereign debt crisis by adding more debt is not a solution. It was simply a short-term band-aid.

Every Western nation including Canada has added to record debt levels since the crisis began. All that has happened is that in the absence of political leadership, central banks stepped in with record-low interest rates and programs designed to put massive amounts of freshly minted money into the system. Meanwhile the escalating debt necessitates higher government revenues, spurring higher levels of taxation which in turn reduces growth in the private sector. 

France is the latest country to admit the shortcomings of that approach as their deficit continues higher than forecast, while unemployment grows and the economy stagnates. Since the crisis-hit the Federal Reserve has created over $10 trillion dollars, the US federal debt has hit record highs, the recovery is the worst on record in terms of full-time job growth and now there’s some disconcerting signs that even the anemic recovery is slowing.

Here is the point. There is still major risk in the financial system. Any investment that is heavily leveraged is vulnerable to sharp price declines. If borrowed money has been what led the prices higher then de-leveraging can bring them back down with a vengeance. We’ve seen it in real estate in many parts of the world. In the stock market and recently in gold.

Everyone should recognize that excess debt is still the biggest wild card to our financial security.
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Competition and profits are good for us

MC horz cropped - 2013Michael’s daily comment on the demonization of profit.

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Michael Campbell’s Money Talks for September 14th

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Michael Campbell: Taxes & The Young


The “prerequisite if you want to call yourself a progressive” 



Turn on the TV, radio or open the newspaper and there are no shortage people declaring their great concern for young people. I think it’s prerequisite if you want to call yourself a progressive. However, even minor scrutiny of the practical reality tells a very different story, one that starts with a major financial mess we are bequeathing our children in terms of massive debt and unfunded liabilities. There are so many more examples, let me just give you one.

Aren’t we all supposed to be worried about the debt load students build up during a post-secondary studies? Well, a huge percentage University, Community and Technical College students have just returned to the post secondary Education after what, four to five months employment. In that time they would have had employment insurance contributions deducted from their paychecks, yet they’re not eligible to collect EI because they voluntarily return to school. Which, under the current rules,  means they’re disqualified from collecting.
In other words the EI contribution is simply extra tax. One with the vast majority can’t afford as by the time they graduate the total can be upwards of a thousand dollars. Its the same in the push for higher Canada Pension Plan premiums as they would in effect punish younger workers.
Pension experts agree that CPP is a massive transfer of wealth from the younger generation to the older generation. Despite that, many of the same people push for policies that actually hurt pension investment creating a double whammy for young workers trying to prepare for retirement.
Of course it’s within anyone’s right to push policies that hurt young people, but as a father three it’s more than my right it’s my responsibility to point it out. 
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MC Big Implications For The US dollar, Stocks & Positives For Canada

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