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The Question Is Are You Prepared To Pay For It

No matter how the current school strike plays out, lets be clear on the outcome. Teachers will get a salary increase, the dispute is over how big. And what many people fail to understand……



Mind you its for 76,000 students currently enrolled in independent schools. Michael spells out the numbers and implications of this school system with a long waiting list…..


What’s rarely noted is that if the economy grows more than forecast in BC, Public Sector workers benefit through an increase in salaries. That’s where the problem starts for leaders of organized labour……


Michael’s Shocking Stat first reveals some absolutely astonishingly positive mathematical returns on quality stocks. Try a $1000 investment in a 1964 blue chip company, that’s now worth $10,500,000.00!!!!!! in trading last week…

Then more startling math, only this time regarding bullets and vulnerable human flesh…..



Michael’s commentary focuses on endless demands for more Government spending from increased public sector wages & benefits thru to increases in legal aid, senior care, welfare etc etc. Michael also takes some passionate phonecalls….

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Michael interviews Ryan Irvine of KeyStocks fame about his specialty Super Stock Picks. Time and time again he has come through for MoneyTalks listeners, indeed it’s a fact that Ryan’s on-air recommended stock pick from this time last year has gone up 134%! Ryan and his team at KeyStocks.com are always hard at work analyzing 1000s of small cap and income stocks so that you don’t have too, and in this interview Michael probes Ryan to reveal his latest picks. On the overall markets both Michael and Ryan debate and reveal their personal takes on both near term and longer term movements.





Michael’s Goofy this week gives a tip of the hat towards those who constantly light their hair on fire about our revered so-called “Canadian Identity.” Goofy it sure is too…..