Mike's Daily Comment

Do the people in Paris drafting an agreement to save the planet really have the skills or ability to do so? Look at the track records of some key people leading the charge

Price forecasts of plummeting oil, the Canadian Dollar as well as the impact of Janet Yellen’s interest rate move are in this weeks mid-week update. OPEC’s announcement, Yellen’s coming move on interest rates 

The Bank of Canada talking about negative interest rates. What is the prospect of making money with negative interest rates?

Do you really think the massive financial problems in Europe are because taxes are too low, especially on the rich and business? Yet our politicians want to raise taxes on the rich

A sea change for our economic health is upon us. Sadly most Politicians, public sector union leaders and the Political commentariat don’t understand the implications

Europe’s broke. 42 years of deficits driven by hi-tax/regulation, anti-business policies. Shockingly Politicians in Canada want to copy Europes policies?