Shocking Stat

Nobody Guessed The Latest Star in the Entertainment Universe

Put up your hand if you saw this shocking trend in entertainment….quit lying. Plus when it comes to overall debt Canada just passed Italy.

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Shocking Stat: Which Numbers Are Crazier

A wealth of shocking stats this week but the numbers of women Warren has slept with might indeed be more likely than the Deutsche Bank’s derivative numbers!

Michael’s Editorial: They’re Making a Big Mistake on Climate Policy

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Shocking Stat: Wear Body Armor And Learn To Duck

The murder capital of America – more dangerous than any place in war torn Somalia. In the first 9 months more murders than….well you’ll be surprised to find out.

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The Top 3 Stories Markets Are Paying Attention To

Robert Levy begins with Stats Can revealing household debt is now greater than the size of our economy. Then BC’s economic numbers are stronger than any province in the nation. Top story is on the speculation surrounding next week’s Fed meeting….will they or won’t they raise interest rates.

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Shocking Stat: An Easy Move To Help The Poor

Elimination of Canadian Government supply management of dairy and poultry products in Canada would save the average household $438 a year! Expensive for low income folks is an understatement….

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