Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Have We Seen The Peak in The Anti-Success Anti-Business Movement?


 01:10 –  04:02 – Michael’s Editorial –  With the backlash against Trudeau’s tax plan, Michael wonders if we’ve seen the peak in the anti-success, anti -business anti 1% rhetoric. Certainly as – economist Thomas Sowell observed – “We’ve arrived at a time where we demonize those who produce, subsidize those who refuse to produce and canonize those who complain,” 



There’s Only One Thing Wrong With Socialism

The fact that its been an abject economic and social failure everywhere its been tried. Just ask the people in Venezuela, Cuba or even France. But that doesn’t bother the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders or a growing number of millennials. 

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BC and Alberta Have Upped The Cost of Cutting Emissions


In 2008, when BC introduced the carbon tax it was revenue neutral. Any revenue collected would be returned in the form of lower corporate and indiviudal taxes so there was no net increase in the government’s tax revenues.  That’s now changed in BC and Alberta – like any other tax, the carbon tax will be a revenue generator, which is bad news for the economy. 

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It’s a Tax Battle Royal

01:16 – 06:26 Mike’s Editorial – Big government loving politicians are squaring off against doctors, farmers and entrepreneurs. In one corner some prominent economists – in the other angry accountants saying enough already with the increasing complexity of the tax code. $250 million a year in tax money at stake.


Is Greed The Root Of All Evil

It’s very interesting what one of the Worlds most respected economists, Milton Friedman had to say to the liberal talk show host Phil Donahue about greed, which societies have it, and which don’t. 

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