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Editorial – Vancouver’s City Council Chooses Empty Gesture On Climate Change

They promote airport expansions and cruise ships yet somehow Vancouver (and Victoria’s) city council takes aim at oil producers without pointing a deserving finger at themselves.

Mike’s Editorial – The Irrationality of the Kinder Morgan Expansion Debate

The BC government’s in court to stop Alberta from pushing more gas, diesel and jet fuel down the expanded Trans Mountain Pipeline while at the same time going to court to prevent Alberta stopping the flow of gas, diesel and jet fuel down the pipeline.

Mike’s Editorial – The Top 5 Ways Government Sticks It to Our Kids

Oh sure, “we care about our children”  but not quite enough to stop sticking to them with a series of government policies.

Saluting our D Day Veterans While Attacking the Freedoms They Fought For

Too many don’t understand the link between free speech/the free exchange of ideas and economic progress. We salute our veterans while an increasing number of people attack the fundamental freedoms so many gave their life to defend.

You Want To Know Why Things Are So Darn Expensive?

Look no further that the role government plays in everything from the high cost of gasoline to the lack of affordable housing to increase in restaurant meals.