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This Communication Breakdown’s Gone Viral

Millions of people have watched the UK’s Channel 4 interviewer Cathy Newman agressively misinterpret and restate U of T professor Jordan Peterson’s words.  – here’s a sample that many are calling a watershed moment in the culture wars.  

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Instant Wisdom From a Top World Thinker

This gentleman explains how we’ve come to a new crisis in political correctness, where opinions are banned and safe spaces demanded.

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Instant Wisdom: What Happened to Feminism

Equality vs Victimhood – that’s the big divide in the feminist movement as 2nd wave feminists square off against the new 3rd wave dominating univestiry campuses. 
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Millennials Stripped Naked

Michael’s Instant Widsom – This week the author of this 3rd most popular Ted Talk ever on the truth about the millennial generation.

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Instant Wisdom By One of the Worlds Top Thinkers

Michael with a really interesting commentary plus a clip on a active and looming disaster.

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Instant Wisdom: John Cleese on Extremism

We hear a lot about extremism, a nastier harsher atmosphere everywhere with more abuse, less friendliness, tolerance and respect for opponents. What we never hear about extremism is its advantages!

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