Goofy Award Winner

A Double Whammy Goofy

You just can’t make this stuff up! And another whopper from Justin.


The 500 Million Dollar Celebration of Canadian Culture

The 1/2 a billion dollar celebration ends up being Mike’s Goofy Award Winner as some genius chose an Irish Rock-band as the headline music act!

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A Celebration of Hate

This weeks Goofy focuses on recent celebrations of hate. A parade in London England that called for the destruction of the state of Israel. Calls for death included! More…..

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And You Think Trump is Bad

This weeks Goofy Award Winner – Last week Michael talked about the increasing acceptance of extremism. This week is another example emanating from Britain, not a big stretch from Canada

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Comey Blasts NY Times as Producer of “Fake News”

Mike’s Goofy winner is a dramatic example of the NY Times publishing “Fake News” as FBI Director James Comey during his testimony before Congress makes very clear. 

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