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“Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it” – US politicians of both stripes panick as US companies flee to more tax friendly areas and starve politicians of tax money. Yet public unions still……..



The Teachers dispute is part of a bigger debate surrounding the Discrepancy between Public Sector & Private Sector workers in terms of salaries, pensions, extended healthcare and other benefits. This fall the Federal Government…..


With Civic elections coming in November you’d never know it by the scant attention they are getting. I’ve never understood…..


A familiar theme in the teachers dispute is that both sides have to comprimise. That sounds easy, so reasonable, but ignores the reality on public debate in so many issues. It’s difficult to ignore….


Michael Asks a Specific Question

Michael talks about education though incredibly he doesn’t talk about the teachers dispute but something much more important…..



New study shows 6 million youth out of school and work as 49 states see INCREASE in families living in poverty

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The Question Is Are You Prepared To Pay For It

No matter how the current school strike plays out, lets be clear on the outcome. Teachers will get a salary increase, the dispute is over how big. And what many people fail to understand……