Mike's Daily Comment

“Once exposed, a secret loses all its power.” ― Ann Aguirre. Michael exposes an obvious truth that proponents of larger Government will ultimately be forced to acknowledge….


Don’t you just love a new Tax. The call for a new tax on homeowners in Vancouver is a wonderful reminder how attractive it is for some people to imagine a world that is one dimensional


Those that believe we live in an era of unfettered capitalism just don’t get it. For example, all the money, energy and focus spent by…..


The World has changed, and members of public and private sector unions better make a call to their compatriots in Alberta to find out how that change has worked for them!


Buying Time: Increasing taxes is deflationary, which dramatically raises the probability of another Debt Crisis. Europe’s debt problem has not gone away


One of the Greatest Loads of Manure pedaled by chest thumping Progressives that regularly goes unchallenged, is they care about….