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The great fault of our public discussion with regard to taxes & the public sector, is how consistently Small Business & the Self Employed are ignored


…is ongoing about where the money Government collects needs to be spent. Of course this all assumes….


Michael’s jammed in two Shocking Stat’s this week, the first a sports salary that will blow your mind. Nevertheless that wasn’t the Shocking Stat that made his cut. Michael’s choice for the Shockng Stat of the week will capture the attention of anyone who owns real estate!


BC Teachers Strike & The Definition of Insanity

52 strikes since 1987, 1 negotiated contract in 27 years and only 1 card to play which is to make over 500,000 students the pawns in this dispute. That said…..


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“Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it” – US politicians of both stripes panick as US companies flee to more tax friendly areas and starve politicians of tax money. Yet public unions still……..



The Teachers dispute is part of a bigger debate surrounding the Discrepancy between Public Sector & Private Sector workers in terms of salaries, pensions, extended healthcare and other benefits. This fall the Federal Government…..