Mike's Daily Comment

How about tackling EXPLODING Municipal salaries instead of driving to a heated venues to campaign against the pipelines that make it all possible…..


Voting for or against a candidate based on a single issue is somewhat superficial. But I’m having trouble getting past the attitude of some so-called “champions of the homeless”…………


Honour, Courage, Self Sacrifice for the greater good vs selfies, narcissism, not in my back yard syndrome & relentless restrictions on……


History tells us that 2/3rd’s of the eligible won’t vote in upcoming municipal elections, despite blatant mismanagement on an……


With vital issues at play its all talk and no action with a healthy dose of narcissism coming into the Municipal Elections…..


Its not the oil that’s dirty, its the politics. Now with the rout of the anti KeyStone Pipeline politicians in the US Elections….