Mike’s Big Fat Idea

Time To Make a Significant Change

Neil McIver Director of Wealth Mgmt with this Weeks Big Fat Idea which involves a tactical shift from one asset class to another to take advantage of, as well as protect yourself from imminent higher interest rates. Specific recommendations made.

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35 year Bond Bull Ends with an 80% Jump in Interest Rates

This weeks Big Fat Idea covers the biggest story in the world right now, the rise in interest rates and the actions an investor needs to take to profit from the move and the instruments to utilize to do so.

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Double Digit Returns

This weeks Big Fat Idea involves a surprisingly profitable business. Washing cars. The rate of return is attractive in this low yield environment, an option for those who have been starved out of the bond markets.

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Big Fat Idea: The Opportunities in the Precious Metals

Canarc Chief Executive Catalin Chiloflischi on taking advantage of this pullback in precious metals to buy beaten down companies with proven management, the ability to raise capital and advanced projects from exploration to production in play.

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Buying and Selling Private Equity

Mark Stephenson of Business Transitions Forum on his idea to take advantage of a trend in finance where investors are buying AND selling private businesses. There is over 4 trillon dollars in private businesses that will change hands in the next year. Private equity is in the sweet spot right now as baby boomers are in the liquidation phase of their lives and interest rates are low.  

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Big Fat Idea: Generating Additional Low Risk Income

Patrick Ceresna’s Big Fat Idea is to sell calls agains beaten down pharmaceutical stocks generating an income significantly higher than can be received in bonds. Patrick teaches investors how to generate additional, low risk Income on your stocks, bonds, currencies, gold and oil.

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