Mike's Daily Comment

If You’re Worried About Affordable Housing This is the Key Number to Watch

Still shaking our heads about commentators and politicians celebrating the decline in real estate activity and the severe drop in presale condo sales – while they declare their real concern over affordability.

Some People Still Don’t Get It

The true cost of government can only be totaled by adding all the mandatory transfers to the three levels of government. And when you do – you find out that it keeps going up.

Minimum Wage Advocates Refuse to Listen

California’s largest recycling company just closed it’s doors while pointing the finger directly at increased minimum wage and health costs. Chalk up another one up for “reality” versus ideology.

This Will Impact you Financially – Guaranteed

On Monday a change in the Chinese currency sent US stocks to their biggest decline of the year.  This is only the beginning of currency driven volatility in stocks, bonds and precious metals.  There’s a lot of money to be made and lost.

The Biggest Misdirection When It Comes To The Federal Deficit

Can “we” afford the federal deficit and debt? It doesn’t really matter because it will be our children and their children who’ll be paying the federal and provincial debt along with our skyrocketing Old Age Security payments and extra healthcare costs as the boomers age.

Complete Show – August 3rd

Mike talks about the creepiness of using children in the political wars. John Johnston drops by to talk interest rates, the cost of borrowing and what’s next for stocks.  Meanwhile Ozzie chimes in the “bottom” in real estate. And the shocking stat will really shock you.