Mike's Daily Comment

CBC Admits Massive US Campaign To Landlock Alberta Oil

Canadians – including the CBC – are finally waking up to the fact that tens of millions of dollars originating with the Rockefeller Foundation and other big US environmental groups with the expressed goal of changing our election outcomes, killing all new pipeline proposals and landlocking Alberta oil while costing the economy tens of billions of dollars.

Another Really Bad Policy

Can you imagine is government said no more grain exports – we can only sell bread and buns outside of BC? Last week, BC Premier John Horgan stated, “We are not going to send away unprocessed material to be processed somewhere else.” He was serious. They’re starting with logs. This is a page right out of Donald Trump’s anti-trade playbook.

First Nations Support the Gaslink, Trans Mountain Expansion and the Eagle Spirit Pipelines

Have you noticed that pipeline opponents never mention the First Nations who strongly support the 3 pipeline pipeline proposals in an effort to alleviate poverty on their reserves. Not a word, not a mention – big environment and their political stalking horses pretend they don’t exist.

Real Estate Price Drop was the Goal

What’s different about the drop in Real Estate prices compared to other slowdowns in sectors of the economy is that the Real Estate drop was a desired goal.

One More Study Confirming What We Already Know

A new study concludes that wait times for surgery are worse than ever. No kidding – that’s what the system is designed to do. Denying treatment is how Canada’s healthcare system controls costs. Sadly federal and provincial politicians are dedicated to defending the system and to hell with what the BC Supreme Court recently called needless patient suffering.

This New Study Explains A lot

A brand new study published in Nature Human Behavior finds that those people with the strongest views who think they know a great deal about a subject are the ones who know the least. The study’s talking about attitudes towards genetically modified foods but you’d be forgiven for thinking it applies to all sorts of issues from pipelines to free trade.