Mike's Daily Comment

Ride Share and Green Hypocrisy

There are a lot of ads floating around reminding people to be responsible and not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  With these ads burning holes in our ears, why is the government pushing so set against ride sharing and the clear benefits to public safety?

Why is Government Slow to Change?

How anyone can even entertain the thought that old approaches and attitudes are the key to meeting today’s challenges is astounding yet that’s the norm.  And it’s the reason governments are so slow to change.

Business Charitable Giving Makes a Huge Difference

People come together at this time of the year to help out and contribute to the community. And while it is popular to bash businesses these days, their contributions are significant and should be recognized.

We Favour Free Trade But…..

The advantages of a de-valued currency for Canadian exporters and domestic producers are too often overlooked when we look at our economic growth and statistics. Why?

Housing Taxes Hurting Big Time

Why do the same left-wing academics shouting for “windfall housing profits” to be taxed (and the media outlets that put them on the air) not recognize the dramatic decline in people’s financial well-being and the negative impact on one of our most important industries?

Guaranteed Prediction About Your Personal Finances in 2019

2019 will see higher property taxes, higher carbon taxes, higher rent, higher Canadian Pension Plan permiums, higher car insurance rates, a new speculation tax for real estate, a new healthcare tax and higher interest payments. The bottom line – governments are making sure you have less money.