Mike's Daily Comment

Can Debt Be Affordable?

The Government is projected to add about $55 Billion to the debt over the next 5 years and already proponents are saying the debt is affordable without giving any definition of affordability.

What Another $55 Billion Added To the Debt Over 3 Years

Deficits are not the “be all to end all” but the fact that we can afford them is of small relevance.  It’s how our money is spent and on what.  And on that score I invite you to read the reports of successive auditor generals who chronicle mismanagement and politically motivated spending. Or you can just think about the billion dollars wasted on the Phoenix pay system.

In Students’ Climate Change Protest Education Takes a Backseat to Advocacy

Climate change is a great opportunity to teach students about science, math, computer modelling, economics, finance and above all critical thinking but education isn’t the priority – advocacy is.

The Big Question Socialist Refuse To Answer

If capitalism is so bad and socialism is so good then why have 2.7 million people fled socialist Venezuela while hundreds of thousands have tried to get into the US – the world leading proponent of capitalism.

Shocking Stat of the Week

If you’re worried about insider deals, special government favours and tax dollars for the well connected then this week’s shocking stat may be your worst nightmare.

Complete Show – Mar.16th

Mike looks at the BC Legislature spending scandal and says,” really…now we’re worried about wasted tax dollars.”  Don Vialoux drops by to talk about what to buy and what to stay away from at this time of year. And you won’t want to miss this week’s goofy featuring the rich and immoral.