Mike's Daily Comment

It’s Time to Get Smart on Budget Announcements

Some people need to get real and grow up.  Especially when it comes to budget announcements.

The Scariest Thought Coming Out Of the SNC Lavalin Scandal

It’s tough to argue that the Prime Minister and the top people in his government have made a mess in their handling of the scandal. The scary part is – they are the same people in charge of making government policy on healthcare, taxation, defense procurement, housing and spending $400 billion of our tax dollars a year.

Or maybe not given the overwhelming evidence in jurisdiction from Venezuela to the economic perma slowdown and high unemployment in Europe or closer to home – the real estate related policies that didn’t just slow the market – they killed it.

How Can Anyone Be Surprised

Go figure – some analysts were surprised that economic growth ground to a near standstill in December despite the efforts by government to derail the real estate sector, oil and gas while interest rates and taxes rose.

They Hate Big Corporations But Use All Their Products

Can you imagine the cost of everyday items like iPhones, cars or prescription medicines if they had to be made by hand in small shops as opposed to mass produced by big corporations? Obviously that fact is lost on the anti-corporate crowd who can’t grasp the irony of attacking big business while using their products.

Goofy Award – The Prime Minister Said What?

Throw another head scratcher on Prime Minister’s pile of wacky statements. He’s worried about the Conservatives doing special favours for well connected rich friends.