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Featured guest John Johnson  has had such a terrific track record with the CDN Dollar and the economy. Chief Strategist of of Davis Rea, John sees the next 2 weeks when market volumes pick up from the summer doldrums as critical in determining whether the stock market can move higher. Views the bond market as not capable of producing the returns investors need. Overall he is on the pessimistic side.

….Michael Campbell on: Complexity Failure Crisis & Panic


Ryan Irvine’s New Dividend Growth Recommendations

Featured guest Ryan Irvine on Dividend growth stocks, a category that has produced some of the great winners over time. Ryan speaks in depth to illustrate that investment approach and recommends some stocks that are in the category.

Also from Michael: Featured Guest Jeff Olin’s Basic Principle to Power Returns In Real Estate


Eric Coffin’s 11 gold stocks – average rise 340% – what’s next?

Writing an investment news letter is the ultimate “what have you done for me lately” game. Hard Rock Advisory’s Eric Coffin has had a dream year – 11 new recommendations – 340% average return. It seems only natural we’d ask what now….

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Featured Guest Jeff Olin’s Basic Principle to Power Returns In Real Estate

Since the summer of 2008 – Jeff Olin’s Vision Capital has outperformed the TSX about 10 times over – and he says it’s the best way to invest in real estate. Vision strives to seek out both the undervalued, as well as the overvalued absolutely and relative to their peers. As all investments are in listed companies, broad opportunities exist whether it is in the red-hot Vancouver Market, or oil driven depressed markets like Edmonton. 
The Fund target investments that are expected to outperform on a medium term, risk adjusted basis in areas where real estate is bullish. If the market is broadly, or locally bearish the fund also prospers by short selling overvalued Corporations and/or REITs.

 …also speaking of performance Greg Weldon with Michael: On The Brink of Soaring Move Up In Gold & Silver

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On The Brink of Soaring Move Up In Gold & Silver

Featured guest Greg Weldon is as excited about the Precious Metals right now as he was when he recommended it in 2005 when it was $450 and ounce. Since he recommended it it January 2016 Gold has subsequently jumped $325 and Gold shares came within a hair of tripling in price. This interview is gripping. Greg also gives his opinion on the stock market, currencies as well as interest rates.

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In their monster hit, “Turn,Turn,Turn” The Birds famously sang – “to everything, there is a season.” That’s certainly true with gold, stocks, currencies and every other investment, which is why Mike loves to talk with the foremost expert on seasonality – Don Vialoux.  Find out which groups to drop and which ones are about to get hot. 

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