Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

March 25th Episode

Mike on why the high cost of living will get worse before it gets better. In a rare interview with the Parliamentary Budget Officer, we ask are we getting our money’s worth given the massive growth in the public sector? Ozzie on why the rent crunch is about to get worse. Also, is David Johnston really impartial?

March 18th Episode

The collapse of the debt pyramid was inevitable and predicted on MT but James Thorne will surprise with what’s coming next. 50- to 60% discounts on quality energy stocks has Josef Schachter giving the green light. Goofy: Mike says the appointment of the “special rapporteur” completely misses the point.

March 11th Episode

Mike on the political showboating over food prices. Blake Corbet on TikTok worries. Joey Temprile on crypto’s calamity. A major warning from the head of U.S. Naval Intelligence and the takedown of Covid science by politics in the goofy.

March 4th Episode

Mike on why we desperately need an honest, independent Covid Inquiry. High grocery prices? Sylvain Charlebois, Canada’s foremost expert explains what’s really going on. Ryan Irvine drops by with a couple of fascinating stock picks. The goofy looks at the government’s puzzling response to Chinese election interference.

Mike on two aspects of the Emergency Act that shouldn’t have been overlooked. Top journalist Terry Glavin on China’s push to rig our elections. Don Vialoux answers “are we early for one of Mike’s favourite seasonal trades”? Victor on where the markets specifically say interest rates are going.