Canadian Cyberattack Prevention Firm Working On US & Canadian Defense

Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

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Privately owned Plurilock Systems in Victoria BC is quietly becoming a key player in the ever-growing anti-cyber attack security space. Recent contracts with the US Department of Homeland Security and Canada’s Department of National Defense will see the company at the forefront of machine-to-machine anomaly detection technologies. Plurilock in the only Canadian company to receive funding from DHS’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program.

“Our behavioral, anomaly detection, and AI capabilities, give us a head start in developing machine-to-machine authentication tools,” says Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson. “We think this technology will become more and more critical as the ‘internet of things’ era matures, so we’re excited to continue to collaborate with the Silicon Valley Innovation Program. Obviously, DHS and SVIP are world-class partners to work with.”

The Canadian DND contract tasks Plurilock with advancing state-of-the art, real-time cyber-attack detection and advanced persistent threat (APT) prevention.

“It’s hard to overstate the need for real-time threat detection and response in today’s critical systems,” says Paterson. “Plurilock will significantly enhance this capability, and we’re excited to be able to demonstrate our leadership across multiple kinds of security-driven anomaly detection in our work for DND.”

Plurilock began in the research labs of the University of Victoria with breakthroughs in biometric identity verification. This early “behavioral-biometric” science was applied to the movements involved in computer use—mouse and keyboard activity to start—and a new, advanced form authentication for computing systems was born.