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Posted by Tom Vulcan via Money Talks

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The energy content of uranium is 3 million times greater than Fossil Fuel. Placing this in perspective, the energy in three tons of coal can be found in around just one gram of uranium. That’s value that is hard to ignore. 

From the chart below one certainly wouldn’t be buying Uranium at top prices. Additionally it is currently very unpopular since the Fukushima incident fitting that investment maxim to buy opposite to the crowd to make money. Which is not easy to do because we are programmed to listen to the people around us, or influenced by it. But it is the way to go.

Further as James Dines told Michael this weekend, “Fukushima occurred not because of the plant, it occurred because they were too stingy to put a high enough wall up in front of it to prevent against a tsunami. That’s what caused the trouble.” 

Tom Vulcan takes a two part look at Uranium below – Ed

 Uranium Prices May Be Depressed Now, But Long-Term Fundamentals Paint A Brighter Picture

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Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.45.44 AM