Brexit panic wipes $2 trillion off world markets – as it happened

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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Mike’s editorial on the Brexit  – another falling domino in the demise of the welfare state, Currency guru Jack Crooks on the implications for the Euro, the US dollar and the Canadian dollar.

Brexit – Utter Shock & Disbelief & No Surprise  

by Michael Campbell

Our political elites, organized labour, business cronies, academics and the media commentariat clearly do not recognize the radical change that is afoot. Meanwhile social violence, dramatic market volatility, corruption is working hard to educate them. Brexit 2 Trillion Panic headline story HERE

It Was Incredible, Extraordinary, How To Take Advantage of Exciting Currency Volatility

Jack Crooks of Black Swan Capital walks us through the run-up to, and the aftermath of one of the wildest currency moves in history. Jack highlights

 the opportunities and the implications for the Euro, the US dollar and the Canadian dollar.

Take Advantage Of the Brexit Crisis Part 1

Tyler Bollhorn tells Mike the immediate opportunities that are flowing out of the panic that has swept the world following the Brexit Vote

Take Advantage Of the Brexit Crisis Part 2

Tyler Bollhorn on the immediate opportunities for both trading near term and taking an investors position long term

How Events Are Going To Roll Out

Rob Levy and Michael work through the highlights the Top 3 Stories of the Week and how to handle the chaos and uncertainty in the wake of the British Vote to leave the EU

Mind Blowing Gun Stats

Keep your head down because in the US 67 Government agencies, non-law enforcement and unrelated to the Dept. of Defense are huge buyers of guns, ammunition and body armor. The same Government that is trying to get guns out of citizen’s hands it is arming bureaucratic clerks with serious weaponry…. just in case no one misbehaves??

From London To New York With Speed

Capital hates uncertainty so will shift from the primary financial centre London to the safety the US Dollar and New York. These shifts will boost real estate in the NY Financial centre…. as well as in Canada

Markets Go Crazy

Big moves on friday as Victor believes the market was postioned for Britain to remain, then there was the Brexit vote. Anyone who bought the Dow in the last three months is now offside. British pound has a record breaking move. Victor think its going to get worse as the market goes risk off, and everyone is going to buy US Dollars, Gold and senior US Government debt while they sell…..

Mike’s Goofy

Below the whole first half hour with the top 3 stories from Rob Levy and Tyler Bollhorn on trading strategy:


Whole second hour starting with Currency guru Jack Crooks Ozzie’s Hot Property, Victor Live from the Trading Desk, The Goofy and much more….