Bitcoin Is In Such Demand, Investors Are Almost Paying Double The Spot Price

Posted by Orange Peel Investments

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Shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust traded at an 80% premium at one point this week.

The GBTC is still the only brokerage-tradable asset to transact Bitcoin, putting it in demand.

The price of BTC has also soared this past week.

Don’t buy one BTC for the cost of two BTC. Here’s how to avoid this premium and get exposure to BTC.

The bitcoin craze has really picked up steam over the last couple of weeks. The price of the digital currency has skyrocketed from previous all-time highs around $1,300 to an additional almost 40% on top of that, trading over $1,700 at several points this past week and over $1,800 this morning.

30605895-14945000970406091 origin

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