Better than Gold? … Jim Rogers Thinks So.

Posted by Jim Rogers - ZeroHedge

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Unknown“Jim has
publicly stated that he is looking to get all of his money out of the dollar in
the coming months.”

Do you know
Jim Rogers?

legendary investor first went to work on Wall Street with $600 in his pocket in
the late ‘60s. In 1970, he and George Soros founded the Quantum fund: one of
the greatest investment funds in history. 

Between 1970
and 1980, the Quantum fund returned 3,365%, outperforming the S&P 500’s
performance of 47% by an enormous margin. On an annual basis, Rogers and Soros
produced average returns of 38%. Rogers then “retired” with millions in his
bank account at the ripe age of 37…..continue reading until you get to his current recommendations HERE