B.C. man selling a TimBiebs crumb for $100,000. And that’s just the start of it

Posted by Shari Kulha, communitypress.ca

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Blake Simms of Langley, B.C. knows how to sell and is offering a fix for the dilemma over what to get the Bieber fan on your gift list.

“Great Christmas gift for Justin Bieber fans!” said Simms’ post, on Facebook Marketplace, in which he pitches a crumb from a Tim Biebs doughnut hole for $100,000.

Just the crumb, not the doughnut hole, not the box, not a meet ‘n’ greet with the man. A crumb.

But Simms’s Marketing 101 oversight? He didn’t specify the type of TimBieb from which the crumb crumbled. That detail could make or break a sale. The listing is no longer up, meaning he may have sold the item or was simply overwhelmed by interest.

We’re betting the latter. Simms seemed incredulous when Glacier Media reached out about his post…read more.