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neil mcIver

neil mcIver

Thursday, April 5th at 6:30pm at the Vancouver Club.

Neil McIver has been a regular guest on Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks and recently presented to a standing room-only audience at the 2012 World Outlook Financial Conference in February. Neil and his team at McIver Wealth Management have had a remarkable track record of investment success. At our request he has agreed to present this full length investment seminar exclusively for our audience AT NO COST!

Find out how to profit from:

  • Myths propagated through the media
  • Bullish myths after a rally
  • Long term bear market myths and the price you pay
  • Cheerleading driven gains and give-backs
  • Dazed and confused commentators
  • Short term blindness

As one of Canada’s most successful discretionary investment service providers Neil and portfolio manager Mark Jasayko will show how they use market myths and contrarian indicators to their advantage and offer specfic recommendations on stocks, sectors and countries for 2012 and 2013.

To register email Neil or Mark directly



Or call 604.694.7735

Seating is limited so your must register early. We urge you to take advantage of the this special FREE opportunity.