Bonds Nearing a Great “Shorting Opportunity” – Oil Heading Much Lower

Posted by Peter Grandich & Jack Crooks

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I’ve held out shorting U.S. bonds on a belief there will be QE3 of some sort. It has been wise to do so up until now. 10-Year T-Bond could see 1.50% yield. Hard to imagine passing up on that as a shorting opportunity so stay tuned.
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Also looking to go long oil on a break below $85. Will consider using UCO and USO if and when time appears right.
(ED Note: Jack Crooks of Black Swan has been double short Oil and is sitting on open gains of up to 41%. Jack expects Oil to fall much further but is taking some profits today.  
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The above from Peter Grandich via his section just posted called “Things”. 8 more “Things” are posted HERE