5 High Quality Precious Metal Stocks

Posted by Editor - Money Talks

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Currently holding 57% physical gold, this analyst is now making a shift into solid Precious Metal Discoveries & Mining Stocks. Each one of these stocks has either a well advanced rich discovery, or a producing mine that is extending its reserve through more discoveries. 

Five that meet his test for high quality investments are listed below.

These companies were all searched out by Robert Cohen, a mining and mineral process engineer by training. Robert is vice president and portfolio manager for GCIC. His experience in the mining industry is extensive and includes work as an engineer and a corporate development adviser for an international gold mining firm. 

Each company has a comment from Robert, and because it is often difficult to search out critical information on a company to do your due diligence prior to buying, I have listed out and linked each companies Website, Financial Statements, and comments from experts other than Robert. All the links lead to additional research for those inclined to get really thorough – Editor Money Talks 

“ROG is working on a high-grade underground project.”
“PRB has one of the better discoveries we’ve seen in Canada for a while.”
“It’s really hard to come up with a higher-quality investment than THO’s Escobal.”
“FVI is well managed and has a high-grade discovery in Mexico that will show up in near-term production.”


“We own G, which is a quality North American name.” 


 To read more from Robert Cohen on these stocks and others, go to Robert Cohen’s Three Drivers for the Gold Price in 2014