Apple-Blackberry Stock Price Horse Race

Posted by Mark Jasayko, CFA, Portfolio Manager

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McIver Wealth Management Consulting Group / Richardson GMP Limited

With Apple reporting flat iPhone sales, its stock was hammered down 8% today.

With Blackberry getting a bit of a lift recently with its new CEO and somewhat new strategy, perhaps it is time to do some comparisons.

Since Apple hit its peak of $705 back in September 2012, Blackberry shares have outperformed Apple shares by about 67%.  Who knew?!?

The relative performance trend of the two stocks is also evident in their current 2014 year-to-date movements, with Blackberry up 35% and Apple down about 10%.

That said, the low-hanging fruit of the smartphone business is behind us.  So, Blackberry is going to have to come up with some pretty clever strategies to get its fundamentals and market share looking more like Apple’s.  Then, maybe the price gap between the two shares has a chance to persist.


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