A Very Uncomfortable Question

Posted by Michael Campbell

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As you know, the MoneyTalks team are full on supporters of Special Olympics. Some will say I’m a pain in the ass about it. Thankfully many others appreciate hearing about the opportunity to help out.

I know that I can go on and on about the importance of helping individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families so I promise I will be brief and ask only one question. If someone you know had a child with Down Syndrome, autism or Fragile X …maybe a niece, nephew or grandchild – would you be more interested? Would you take a couple of minutes and bid on a silent auction item or donate or get the business you work for to sponsor?

My bet is yes, which is why is why I invite people to take a minute and think about these families and individuals. The difference you can make in their lives is huge. Obviously, I think that they deserve our help – many of our MoneyTalks listeners, clients and analysts agree.  I hope you do too.

And in addition to an easy online donation option – there is a fantastic opportunity to bid on some really cool stuff! You can donate and/or bid at the Special Olympics auction by going to newmontgoldcorp.com – bidding ends on Thursday at 7:30pm.