A Potent History Lesson…. or How To Interpret Current Times

Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

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Where is Common Sense When We Need it the Most?


“This whole Sovereign Debt Crisis is starting to look like Nero playing the fiddle as Rome burns. We have to realize that Western society is at the breaking point where Democracy fails, for the majority has discovered they can simply vote themselves the assets of the minority.”

“Obama demonizes the mere possession of wealth as if this is the reason government is faltering and instills hatred against the “rich” while courting Goldman Sachs as his biggest contributor.

“Attacking the rich will cause the VELOCITY of money to decline and with it; government will be unable to sell its bonds.”

“One of the greatest confusing aspects to many is the lack of understanding that this is a global economy. This confusion has led many to constantly propose ideas that are contrary to the way the economy functions.”

“The anti-globalization movement” is seriously misguided” – “This movement is no different than trying to outlaw premarital sex. International trade and deficits have been taking place from ancient times. The Silk Road connecting East and West goes back before recorded history. Cicero stood before the Roman Senate and warned that unless foreign imports were curtailed, Rome would go bankrupt. You cannot outlaw international trade any more than you can ignore international capital flows. To do so, is to court doom. You can outlaw prostitution. That will not prevent the practice. Human nature cannot be changed”


“Here is a Roman prostitute token from the age of Augustus (27BC-14AD) who passed all sorts of moral family laws even forbidding men to remain as bachelors.”

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