A Wild Crash/Opportunity or Horrifying Bear Market – Two Views Juxtaposed

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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dowlt index

Is this is just a Market Correction and time to buy at a discount….. or the beginning of a Great Financial Catastrophe where everyone will lose money. 

The first article argues this is nothing more than a Market Crash similar to those in 1987, 2000, 2007. That it is not the time to dump well researched positions, that it is indeed a time to get ready to invest more capital (if you have it).

The temporary impact of the corrections listed above on long-term holdings can be seen in this chart below: 

dowlt index

The second article argues this is the beginning of a Great Bear Market and “that 2007-8 was just a mild rehearsal of what we soon are going to experience“. That “this autumn to be the beginning of the end of the 100 year old failed experiment of manipulation and repression of the financial system by bankers and central banks.”

In other words, a long bear market is just beginning. A societal and market bear market that will dwarf anthing seen since the 1930’s.

To read the first argument, that this is just a correction, read Mauldin Economics – A Correction Fireside Chat

To read the second argument, that it is about to get as bad as it ever gets, read Egon Von Greyerz’s – The Great Financial Catastrophe