A Huge Buy Signal

Posted by Strategic Tech Investor

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images-1My “Peter Lynch Moment” Just Served a Huge Buy SignaL

Mutual fund superstar Peter Lynch used to say that individual investors had a big advantage over Wall Street. If you just keep your eyes and ears open, Lynch would write, you’re bound to see big profit opportunities long before the investment-banking boys in New York.

And the biggest opportunities are often right in your own neighborhood.

Lynch knew his business. 

For months now, we’ve been talking about a “ground floor” investing opportunity – a whole new business that I believe could triple or more in the next few years. 

Well, just the other night, as my lovely wife and I were strolling to a village restaurant near our home, I ran right into proof that this potential $6 billion industry has already grabbed a big handful of the all-important consumer market. 

This was more than just validation: It tells me this market is evolving even faster than I projected – and says I may have underestimated the overall market potential.

And that’s not all…

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