A Beginner’s Guide To Interpreting Drill Results

Posted by Adam Giddens

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If you want to achieve a high success rate as a natural resource investor, then you must have the ability to accurately interpret drill results. This is something that few retail investors are capable of doing and therefore is a simple way of getting the upper hand over other speculators.

In this article we will use Unigold and their highly anticipated sulphide drilling results which are set to come out at the end of the week, as an example.

Resource Classification

Before we delve into the interpretation of drill results, we must first need to know the different classifications of resources and what they each mean.

There are three categories that resources can be classified into: measured, indicated, and inferred. The different classifications are assigned based on degrees of confidence with resources in the ‘measured’ category having the highest degree of confidence and ‘inferred’ having the lowest. The following table summarizes the degree of confidence assigned to each category of resources….CLICK for complete article