90% Off Mark Leibovit’s Metal Resource Newsletter!

Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

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Our good friend Mark Leibovit has been one of Timer’s Digest top gold market timers for more than 2 decades. And according to Mark, “The gold market has entered a once-in-a lifetime opportunity”.

Mark has been kind enough to allow our MoneyTalks audience to sample his Metal Resource Newsletter virtually for free! Michael arranged with Mark’s team for you to enjoy one month for 1/10th the usual priceonly $17.50. And if you decide to continue using his service you will get an on-going discount of 50%. Even if you just want a glimpse of his stock picks – $17.50 is an unbelievable opportunity.

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The VR Metals Resource Letter provides subscribers his unique insights, opinions and recommendations on the following market sectors: METALS (Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium and Platinum) and all Natural Resource investments including ENERGY (Crude Oil, Natural Gas. Green/Solar energy and materials), Cyclical (Annual Forecast Model) analysis and technical analysis are utilized. Huge opportunities may lay ahead for all natural resource plays and the VR METALS/RESOURCE Letter will be on top of them regardless of which direction they move!