6 NEW Facts That Most People Don’t Know – But Should

Posted by Michael Campbell

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MC horz cropped - 2013

MC horz cropped - 20131)  In Greece in 2012 there were 3.8 million people working while there were 4.1 million unemployed. (Greece being a prime example of, as Margaret Thatcher was quoted, “The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money” – Ed

2)  The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet expanded from $891 billion in 2007 to a record $4 trillion for the week ending December 18th due to Quantitative Easing. The Fed now owns $1.5 trillion in mortgage-related assets and $2.2 trillion in Treasurys – plus $326 billion in other assets.
3)  Will history repeat? In March 2001 the Bank of Japan (BoJ) announced the introduction of QE and kept it in place until March 2006. It then initiated a very orderly and gradual unwinding of its government securities portfolio, by continuing its regular purchases of these securities (i.e a tapering). The market rose for nearly two weeks before dropping 24% in the following 2 months.
4)  The market share of Sears has dropped 31% since 2005 while sales at JC Penny have dropped 27% in the last three years. 
5)  Blackstone Capital has spent more than $7.8 billion purchasing about 41,000 single-family homes for rental conversion. In the process it has become the largest residential landlords in the U.S. and in October, Blackstone offered the first-ever “rental-home-backed” security on Wall Street. 
6)  There are 1,148,000 fewer Americans working today than there was in November 2006. Meanwhile, the population has grown by more than 16 million people during that time frame.
This is just part of the context that you and I are dealing with as investors but the big questions are – what does it all mean to interest rates, the dollar, the stock market, real estate and gold?
Given the precarious nature of the European Union’s banking, the shadow banking system in China and the US entitlement – it is essential to get the right answers.
This is where we can help
That’s why I have asked some of the best analysts in the English speaking world to join me at the World Outlook Financial Conference on January 31st & February 1st in Vancouver. They have been chosen because of their exceptional track records and analytical integrity. 
I am not aware of any other conference that consistently recommended gold from 2002 to 2012 but then recommended taking profits in February 2012 and warned of a steep decline in February 2013 – as a follow-up to the written warning in the first week of October 2012 that gold was heading several hundreds of dollars lower.  
And if you are interested in real estate, consider that our number one recommendation in 2010 for investors was to buy the Phoenix market and we added Las Vegas in 2011. People who followed our advice made a killing. 
In the currency markets the number one recommendation at last year’s conference was to play the Japanese yen to go down. We exited that trade in May with a 300% gain. 
And the performance of the World Outlook Small Cap Portfolio has been spectacular. Last year’s Small Cap portfolio are up over 32%. And that was an off year. In 2012 the portfolio was up 86%.  In 2011 it was up over 60%.  
I could go on but the track record of the recommendations has been exceptional. By following any one of the investments would have paid for the ticket price many times over.    
Paying For Your Ticket Many Times Over
While past performance is no guarantee of future success, please be clear that the results we have achieved over the years have not been by accident. Our analysts have been chosen precisely because they do have strong track records. Of course they are not right every time but their uncanny ability to read the various investment markets while employing proven risk management techniques has clearly raised their probability of success dramatically.
Which, by the way, explains why our analysts like Timer’s Digest Timer of the YearMark Leibovit, the incredible Martin Armstrong, Canada’s best known independent real estate analyst, Ozzie Jurock and Keystone Financial’s Ryan Irvine charge in excess of $1,700 for personal consultations. Yet at the World Outlook Conference you can get access to them and get your individual questions answered for as little as $119.
Our Special Bonus 
If you go to Moneytalks.net you will see a number of tremendous bonuses but today I want to tell you about just one. Keystone Financial is about to release their first Small Cap Report of US stocks. You will get that report as soon as it’s published in early January with the purchase of your ticket. Personally I can hardly wait to see what Ryan Irvine and his team are recommending.
The Point 
Our goal is to literally change your investing life. I think we can do it but we need your help. You’ve got to be interested. Come to the World Outlook Conference. Make a weekend of it. Maybe even take advantage of our special rates at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, whether you live in Greater Vancouver or farther afield. By the way, I think that would make a terrific and meaningful Christmas gift. 
I am very confident in saying that the Conference is going to be great.  
Host Of MoneyTalks
P.S.   As you may know I am hugely interested in educating our younger generation and to that end we have a special offer – if you buy a ticket – you can bring a student absolutely free.
The only thing is that we ask you to let us know that you want a student ticket when you purchase your ticket because we have a limited number of tickets set aside. Just enter STUDENT in the Order Notes when you order online or tell our staff when you order over the phone. And I might add that the students have really enjoyed the conference. It is also a great way to share/create a common interest with your children – no matter what their age. 
Conference Details 
Where: Westin Bayshore, Downtown Vancouver 
When: Friday evening, January, 31 and all day Saturday, February 1, 2014 
To book Your Ticket: go to www.moneytalks.net/outlook  or call 1.877.926.6849
Cost: $119 for a two day pass
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