5 New Facts That Most People Don’t Know – But Should

Posted by Michael Campbell

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  1. Total worldwide debt is estimated to be $158.8 trillion. The US represents 11% of the total.
  2. In 2014 emerging markets issued $276 billion in US denominated debt. The total emerging market debt issued in US dollars is $1 Trillion.
  3. The Russian ruble has fallen 70% against the US dollar since the end of June. Russian corporations have $98 billion in US denominated bonds coming due in 2015.
  4. Greek government debt totals $479 billion US. Annual interest payments are $35 billion US. On January 25, Greece will vote in what amounts to a referendum on being in the EU. (Here will go again.)
  5. Japan’s total debt is $1.1 trillion US. Debt servicing consumes 43% of government revenues. Japan population is projected to fall from 127 million to 87 million by the year 2060.
MC Corus3Let me start by saying, pay attention to these numbers. There is a high probability that 2015 will see a return of the debt crisis that gripped the world in 2008 and then again in 2011. Of course it never really ended. Central banks led by the Federal Reserve expended trillions of dollars to paper over the problems but that was always just a stopgap – never a solution.
As the world’s biggest bond fun manager, Bill Gross stated, “Solving a debt crisis by creating more debt cannot cure the disease.”

I have no doubt that central banks will do whatever it takes to avoid another debt liquidation panic but the question is – will it be enough. Enough to rescue Russia, Greece, Venezuela and many other emerging market countries.

No one can afford to ignore the rising probability that the next round of consequences of the sovereign debt crisis will occur in 2015 – but what does it mean for interest rates, the dollar, the stock market, real estate and gold?

This is where we can help

Every year at this time I invite you to come to the World Outlook Financial Conference – and why not? The track record of recommendations has been incredible. We have consistently featured some of the best analysts in the English speaking world who are chosen because of their exceptional track records.
Last year three major macro-economic predictions were made: 1) sell oil and oil stocks; 2) interest rates would fall and 3) have a good chunk of your assets in US dollars. Specifically it was recommended to stay away from gold and other metals, sell the euro, and buy quality dividend paying stocks on dips. Our bonus small cap pick, which was sent to attendees immediately after the conference, was up over 100% by the end of the year.
Arguably the most impressive prediction was presented by Martin Armstrong who reiterated his prediction made at the 2013 Outlook Conference for the date of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting investment repercussions.
But the terrific track record is not the reason I think you should attend this year. As I outlined above, 2015 is different. The period since the initial credit crisis in 2008 is over and we are about to enter the next phase. It will be marked by higher levels of volatility and by desperate moves by governments including tax grabs and civil seizures.
The Easiest Bet
There is going to be big money made and lost in 2015. The recent decline in oil is a reminder how fast things can change. As oil investors have found out – failing to recognize those changes is very costly. I suspect that people who hold euros and yen will get that message drilled home in 2015 and beyond.   
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While past performance is no guarantee of future success this year’s analysts have displayed an uncanny ability to read the various investment markets while employing proven risk management techniques which raised their probability of success dramatically. And it’s why our analysts like the incredible Martin ArmstrongTimer’s Digest Timer of the Year Mark Leibovit, Canada’s best known independent real estate analyst Ozzie Jurock, and Keystone Financial’s Ryan Irvine charge in excess of $1,700 for personal consultations. Yet at the World Outlook Financial Conference you can get access to them and get your individual questions answered for as little as $129. 

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There’s nothing more I can say. 2015 is going to be pivotal to our country, companies and individual financial well being. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity.

Host of MoneyTalks
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