Gold & Silver Will Super-Surge

Posted by King World News

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KWN Turk I 10-28-2013

Says 40-Year Market Veteran

On the heels of what appears to be an eerie calmness in global markets, today a man who has been trading major markets for over four decades told King World News that the gold and silver markets are now set up to super-surge.  He also provided two powerful charts which illustrate why the metals are now set up to soar.  Below is what James Turk had to say in this tremendous and timely interview.

Turk:  It has now been four months since gold and silver made their lows, Eric.  They are under massive accumulation with the result that they are forming important bases.  For example, take a look at this gold chart.

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KWN Turk I 10-28-2013

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