4/20/20: Will COVID-19 Bring Pain Or Prosperity?

Posted by Michael Miller

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Cannabis Plant

On the cusp of the cannabis industry’s annual celebration of consumption and culture, another “C” is taking center stage this year.

With COVID-19 now affecting citizens globally in unprecedented ways, I wanted to get a sense of what its implications could be on 4/20.

Last year’s events generated $135 million in legal cannabis sales including April 19 ($90 and $5 million respectively).

What will be in store this year for the traditional “social” celebration as opposed to the “social distancing” non-celebration we face this year?

I turned to my go to “Ecannabist”, Roy Bingham of BDS Analytics to help me find some answers.

MM: Roy, lets take a look at where we are. Imagining COVID-19 never arrived, what were the most material trends you were seeing, having just finished the first quarter of the year? CLICK for complete article