3 Stunning 40+ Year Charts Expose How Fed Rate Hike Will Impact Gold, Bonds And Commodities!

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King-World-News-4-Of-The-Most-Jaw-Dropping-Charts-Of-2015-864x400 c

King-World-News-4-Of-The-Most-Jaw-Dropping-Charts-Of-2015-864x400 c

3 stunning 40+ year charts expose how the Fed rate hike will impact gold, bonds and commodities!

Markets, in general, cheered the news, which is what usually happens when the Federal Reserve follows through on what it said it was likely to do.

The knee-jerk reaction looks like an expectation of higher inflation. Stocks, gold and note yields all rallied strongly.

Looking at all rate hikes since 1971, this is only the third time all three rallied at least 0.5% on a day the Fed hiked their target rate.

We’d never seen the three markets act like this on the first hike in a cycle, though.……see chart and read more HERE