2 Opportunities With Oil Nearing The $20s

Posted by Parke Shall via Seeking Alpha

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Oil hit multi year lows yesterday, after falling 6% in one session and almost trading with a $20 handle.

Media remains negative on oil despite no real fall in demand.

We see two opportunities in oil if it continues to fall under $30; one with the commodity itself and one playing the sectors coming M&A.

We have been biding our time, waiting patiently to find the right opportunity to strike at when it comes to oil. For the last year, we have watched the price of oil tumble significantly without really ever trying to call a consistent bottom. Now our expertise is certainly not in commodity speculation and most of the news that we were seeing was pointing to a continued fall in the commodity. Oversupply remains a significant problem despite the United States’ growing demand for crude oil.

Today we think we have two interesting opportunities for oil…..continue reading HERE

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