Aggressive Investors: Huge Potential 10 Juniors Set Up & Poised

Posted by Jeb Handwerger & Money Talks Editor

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Agressive investors are well aware that the big money is made in companies that are setup with a combination of a great business proposition that as yet has not become well known, and a stock price that has suffered from a Bear Market. This is not for money set aside for a rainy day but each one of these 10 companies is currently trading anywhere less than 1/2 and in some cases 1/8 of were they where one to three years ago. Moreover they all have a great business on the brink of becoming disovered by the investing public…”, thus all have the potentional to move dramatically upward. For example if International Tower Hill Mines Ltd just moves up to where it was trading in August 2011 it will have to rise from its current $1.14 to $8.45. Its potential should be significantly higher than that if its mine is developed and particlualrily if Gold were to soar! As Warren Buffet said in an article two days ago, if he could he would invest in great small-cap stocks.” “It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.”

All these companies are cheap to buy. Selling between .14 cents and $3.70, most are trading below $2:00. All but one have suffered a decline from a bear market in junior mining stocks & all have valid and very exciting projects. 

These companies were all searched out by Jeb Handwerger who studied engineering and mathematics at University of Buffalo and earned a Master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University. 

Each company has a comment from Jeb, and because it is often difficult to search out critical information on a company to do your due diligence prior to buying, I have listed out and linked each companies Website, Financial Statements, and comments from experts other than Jeb. All the links lead to additional research for those inclined to get really thorough – Editor Money Talks (P.S. This was the most popular article this week)

Comstock Mining Inc.  

“LODE may be the gem of the entire mining industry.” – Jeb


“ITH’s Livengood project has huge leverage to the price of gold.” – Jeb
“For investors who are looking for leverage and for advanced assets, LAM is a good candidate.” – Jeb
“NUG has a top-notch management team that has found major discoveries in Nevada.’ – Jeb
NuLegacy Gold
“PLG hit a heavy volume when the company released results from drilling at Kinsley Mountain; this is very encouraging.” – Jeb
Pilot Gold Inc.2
“Potential is huge for PRB’s Borden Lake project.” – Jeb
Probe Mines Limited
“RNX’s Dumont Nickel project is one of the best advanced nickel projects under the control of a junior.” – Jeb
Royal Nickel Corp
“URZ already has offtake agreements at higher uranium prices.” – Jeb
“ZC is one of the forces behind some high-quality, early-stage junior mining companies.” – Jeb
Zimtu Capital

Enterprise Group Inc.


Financial Snapshot & Balance Sheet


Expert Comments on Enterprise Group Inc.


“E had a major run in 2013, and it may just be the beginning.” – Jeb



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