10 Blue Chips With Fat Stacks of Cash to Spend

Posted by Canada Stock Channel

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cash-cow-630-ISP-300x227These blue chips have tons of flexibility thanks to their cash hoards. Here’s a look at these fat cats, as well as what they could do with their money.

Cash is king, and that can’t be more true than when you are a company, private or public.

Having tons of cash relative to debt not only means having a huge backstop in the event of a terrible market or business downturn, but it also means flexibility. Cash offers options to management, so they can pivot any which way they choose.

That’s great news for investors, because a sudden spend in cash can mean a number of different benefits. Maybe it’s a bigger dividend. Maybe it’s stock buybacks to prop up share prices. Maybe it’s a breathtaking, game-changing acquisition that boosts earnings down the road.


Here are 10 blue chips that have tons of cash and marketable securities, and my suggestions on what they should do with it — besides giving it all to me.

…..read about all 10 HERE (keep scrolling down)