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Analytical & World Economic Conference

Due to the overwhelming requests Martin Armstrong will present a two-day Conference in Philadelphia on December 3rd & 4th, 2011..

December 3rd – Analytical Technical Training Seminar

These sessions will provide real world analytical tools for making your own trading and major strategic investment decisions. This will include technical analysis that is cyclical based and by far not the normal uptrend, downtrend charting techniques.

December 4th – World Economic Conference

This will cover the global economy and who should be doing what, when, and where. Materials will be provided of the all charts and forecasts for attendees to enable you to get acquainted with looking at the world economy in a far more dynamic manner and to retain references for the upcoming year. There will be an introductory discussion of the Forecasting Arrays for all markets. This may be the most important such conference ever held since we now stand on the precipice of what the computer models have been projecting since 1985.

The price for the entire weekend is $2500 or $750 for the Dec 4th portion only. The price is a substantial reduction from the normal $10,000. However, we are trying to open this to private individuals and fund managers in addition to institutional clients. To preserve limited space, we are compelled to limit the attendance to 3 seats per institution.

The Analytical Technical Training Seminar will include a DVD of the session and the manuals. Prices include luncheon and networking sessions. These will be a full working day session – 8 hours. So be prepared. This is for serious people looking for real answers without the hype.

Reservations are required. Please email Nina Parente at